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Monday, March 22, 2010

Nak suruh jadi macam ni ker?

Cerita ini didedahkan oleh rakan blogger yang pernah bertugas satu bumbung.....
Justin Williams a roadway Rambo who was destined to kill

JUSTIN Williams, the joyrider who killed a family of three and himself in a horror car crash at the weekend, had faced court at least once a year ever since he turned 18.

The violent 23-year-old, whose only post-school qualification was his driver's licence, had faced charges ranging from car theft, to multiple counts of disqualified driving, driving while suspended and unlicensed driving.

He repeatedly breached good behaviour bonds and had served two short stints in jail and he was on bail at the ACT Supreme Court at when he crashed at the weekend.

His Facebook page revealed what he thought of the law and the rules of the road.

He had joined groups such as "I hate cops" and "DUDE! We almost died!! Yea, but it was fun though", which carries photos of car wrecks.

Another was "Legg it", a group designed "For all of those who have done something they know they shouldn't . . . your last choice is to LEGG IT!!"

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A crash in a stolen car that put him in a coma 10 months ago had also left him relying on a walking stick and with suspected brain damage.

"He was virtually incapacitated as a result of that accident," his solicitor Stephen Stubbs said yesterday. "I didn't think he even had the function to be able to drive a motor vehicle."

But on Saturday he was back driving a stolen car, girlfriend Skye Webbe in the passenger seat, as two policemen were conducting what were standard traffic duties in Queanbeyan.

The two constables, both aged about 30 and with barely six years in the force between them, were pulling over cars when the stolen Mazda 626 sped past at 10.16pm. Their training clicked in. They contacted police radio as they gave chase.

Two minutes later, both cars crossed out of NSW into the ACT, they were able to continue their chase because like all police in Queanbeyan, they were sworn in as special constables in the ACT.

Two minutes later they called off the chase, deeming it too dangerous. Williams had run a red light.

A minute later, the two officers came upon a scene of carnage.

The stolen car had ripped in half a family's Mazda 3 at the intersection of the Monaro Highway exit ramp and Canberra Ave, Narrabundah.

By the light of the street lamps and their headlights, the two constables could see the young couple was dead but there was a baby boy still strapped into the wreck. They lifted him out in the street and tried to revive him before realising he was also dead.

Then they walked over to the other car where they saw Williams and his girlfriend were still alive. Williams would later die in hospital where Webbe, 18, remains on life support.

Three-month-old Brody Oppelaar, his mum Samantha Ford, 29, and dad Scott Oppelaar, 33, died. They had been on their way to Mr Oppelaar's father Frank's home, just 200m away.

In another sad twist, they were all friends with Williams and his girlfriend's family.

Yesterday as their heartbroken relatives were blaming the police for the tragedy, the two constables had to relive an incident they'll never forget as part of the inquiries carried out by both the NSW and Australian Federal police.......


sedikit berbeza, tapi peguam boleh rujuk kes ini untuk merayu agar dikenakan hukuman yang seberat2nya kepada remaja yang melanggar Ummi kerana jika dilepaskan dalam usia yang masih muda, kemungkinan untuk meneruskan 'hobi' membunuh orang yang tak bersalah amat tinggi. sanggupkah anda semua melihat adik atau kakak atau emak atau anak atau ahli keluarga anda dibunuh oleh remaja ini? fikir2kanlah.....

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